v3.0.6 - 27th June 2024

Resource Images

We are excited to announce a new feature that enhances the user experience by displaying images of resources.

This feature aims to provide users with a visual representation of meeting rooms, desk areas, and other reservable resources, allowing for better decision-making before making reservations.

When navigating to 'My Floor' and clicking on a resource, users will now see the image of the resource at the top of the side drawer. This visual aid helps users quickly identify the resource and understand its layout and amenities.

To get started, as an administrator, navigate to resources and whilst adding or editing a resource you will see an option to upload an image.

Vecos Locker Integration

We are excited to announce the release of the Vecos locker integration feature within the UMA app. This new functionality allows administrators to seamlessly connect their Vecos locker tenant to the UMA app, enabling employees to easily claim, open, and release lockers directly from the app.

  • Streamlined Locker Management: Simplifies the process for employees to manage lockers via the UMA app.

  • Secure Access: Ensures that only authorised users can open and use lockers that they have reserved.

Microsoft 365 Lite Integration

We are pleased to announce an enhancement to our Microsoft 365 integration, offering more flexibility in how you connect and consent to permissions. This update introduces two distinct permission scopes: a full permission scope and a lighter Graph API permission scope for calendar integration.

  1. Full Permission Scope:

    • Purpose: Provides comprehensive access to Microsoft 365 functionalities.

    • Permissions Included:

      • calendars.readwrite

      • group.read.all

      • groupmember.read.all

      • place.read.all

      • user.read.all

    • Capabilities:

      • Full calendar access and management.

      • Reading all group details and members.

      • Accessing resource information.

      • Syncing user profiles including photos.

  2. Lite Permission Scope:

    • Purpose: Offers a streamlined integration for basic calendar functionalities.

    • Permissions Included:

      • calendars.readwrite

      • place.read.all

    • Capabilities:

      • Basic calendar access and management.

      • Accessing resource information.

    • Limitations:

      • No profile photo sync from Microsoft.

      • No group user sync.

To get started, follow the guide here.

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