Vecos lockers

Integration overview

UMA has partnered with Vecos Lockers to provide an integrated solution for smart locker booking and management. This integration leverages UMA’s powerful workspace management capabilities with Vecos’ advanced locker systems, creating a seamless experience for users to manage and access lockers directly from the UMA platform.

UMA’s platform integrates smoothly with Vecos Lockers, allowing users to book, access, and manage lockers without needing separate systems or applications.

Facility managers can oversee all locker activities and allocations from a single, unified interface within the UMA platform, streamlining operations and reducing administrative burden.

Employees can easily book and manage their lockers through UMA’s intuitive interface, whether they are at their desks or on the go via mobile devices.

Users can check real-time locker availability and status, ensuring they have access to storage when and where they need it.

Integrating Vecos’ advanced security features, UMA ensures that lockers are secure, and access is controlled based on locker reservations.


To get started, first make sure that you have completed the following pre-requisites:

  • Set up a Vecos Releezme environment with the relevant locations and lockers.

  • Received service account user credentials to connect to Vecos' API.

  • Added employees to your Vecos Releezme environment.

This integration will only work if the same users email exists in Vecos and UMA. To match the users you will need to enter the users email address in the customer identification field for each user in Vecos.

Navigate to the UMA integrations page, connect the Vecos integration and enter in your API user credentials.

Save the integration and navigate to the resources page to create your locker bank resources.

Make sure to match the UMA locker bank with the corresponding locker bank in your Vecos Releezme environment.

Once your locker bank is created, you will be able to search and book lockers within the locker bank from the 'My Floor' page or the UMA mobile app.

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